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Truly Great Coffee

As a World Trade Café, Tradewinds is dedicated to bringing you delicious, high quality coffee selections from around the globe. Tradewinds is also dedicated to supporting our local trade, which is why our signature java is all roasted domestically, by the area’s leading roasters. You will also be glad to know that Tradewinds strives to select only FAIR TRADE ORGANIC (FTO) coffee, so that each sip not only tastes good, but feels good, because with each purchase you have done good, for yourself and for the world around you.

So come on in, select one of our gourmet blends, sit back and enjoy!

Delicious Local Wines
and Craft Beers
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Why Ethical


Because it matters to you... Because it matters to the growers, the roasters, and the world around us. So it also matters to us at Tradewinds.

Good stewardship is good for us all. This is why Tradewinds continues to strive to bring you ethically produced, fair trade coffee and tea products.



Select from a delightful variety of beautifully aromatic, organic Loose Leaf Teas.

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